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About MBM

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Greetings & Welcome to Mom Bodies Matter, LLC! 


I am a Mommy of four gorgeous human beings! Why or how could I ever look into a mirror and not feel comfortable? But I did... My children loved me, and I loved me, but I didn't love the body I lived in, and the pressure of society for women to maintain a certain image didn't make it any better. 


One day I looked into a mirror and made a decision to change this mindset and I did. My love for my children needed to match my love for self, whether slim, thick or otherwise. I needed confidence, self-love and to know my worth did not equate to being "perfect". The content of my character and heart outshine my physical image, and I am proud of that. 


My active lifestyle is a personal journey for myself about health and self-care. After unknowingly inspiring many others to follow and implement active lifestyles, it became clear to me that Tamara had more to offer, because MOM BODIES MATTER!


Mom Bodies Matter, LLC was created to celebrate the beauty of every woman. Whether you are a mother, will soon be a mother or are considered a mother to someone who loves you. We have always been under a microscope to be perfect, as if bringing life into the world wasn't enough. If you look into a mirror and your reflection is smiling back at you, that is what matters!


Imperfect Is Authentically Perfect!



Yours Truly,

Tamara Mathews

Owner & CEO

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